About Us

Between the Veils is an inclusive spiritual organization that works to foster education, cultural sharing, and justice in the pagan and magickal community. Our community includes members of diverse traditions including but not limited to: pagan, polytheist, alternative, mystical, magickal, ceremonial, wicca, witchcraft, inherited Native and/or indigenous and/or diasporic, African Traditional Religions, and all those seekers on the margins. We support this work with raising funds through our community, workshops and events, and an annual conference.


Between the Veils is a non-profit organization that aims to provide community, education, and safe space for magical, indigenous, and diasporic practitioners of all paths.

Our vision is to create a truly inclusive community that allows people from all over the world to connect with each other through empowered and equitable experiences.

Between the Veils is committed to amplifying the voices of the BIPOC, LGBQ, Trans*, Disabled, Native, Indigenous, and Diasporic communities and the dismantling of appropriation within spiritual practices. We believe in the power of dialogue and that all of our spiritual paths can be deepened in community with others.