Board of Directors

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Pronouns: He/Him

About Jonathan

Greetings and Salutations! I am so honored to serve you as a board member of Between the Veils. I have many years of experience planning conferences and camps for religious, spiritual and justice-centred communities. My focus is spirituality development, anti-racism and being in right relationship in/and building community. My day jobs include restaurant/customer service, crisis intervention counseling and teaching. I am an experienced sexuality educator and I believe it is necessary to approach sexuality with an anti-racist lens.

My role as a board member and leader is to see the creation of and work of a Right Relations team, to ensure support of all participants of marginalized identities at the conference and in programming. I believe it is important to support everyone’s spiritual self-care and health. The Right Relations team is one step in making sure that our conference upholds justice and anti-racist programming. I envision a conference that makes room for some brave conversations about oppression in our community.

I am a fat, queer multi-ethnic cis-man Thelemic Ceremonial Magician with a history in Wicca, Buddhism, Unitarian Universalism, Hinduism, Hula(Hawaiian Dance, NOT HUNA), Runes and Tarot. Recently I have started teaching Tarot and meditation. I love a community of magickal folks, no matter our differences in paths. I look forward to meeting you all in person.




Pronouns: She/Her

About Shahmaran

Hello lovelies! My name is Shahmaran, and I am honored and thrilled to be supporting BTV. From my professional life I bring to this position over 11 years in nonprofit and public sector work. My experience ranges from program evaluation, board leadership, participatory democracy, 6,000+ attendee events, fundraising, and communication strategies. All my life's work is centered on the desire to create intentional, representative and mission-driven communities and projects-- things I look forward to crafting within BTV.

My family is from Iran so folk and ancestral magic is the guiding force that includes fertility, death, alchemy, Islamic-mysticism and divination based practices. As a queer woman of color I use my magic as medicine, protection, and connection for those who are often forgotten, unseen, and unheard. As a Hecate high priestess in training, I invite the grounded chaos of the in between, the uncertain certainty of the cross roads, and the brightness from the dark cave. As a part of BTV I look to honor what PantheaCon has done for so many, while also creating a new intentional and inclusive space. Where magic is shared with respect. Where people of marginalized communities have their voices amplified. Where the simple act of sharing and communing in magic is radical.

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Pronouns: They/She

About Nameless

In my mundane life I am a product manager at a data science consulting firm in the Bay Area. I have experience maintaining large budgets, planning smaller scale events, and watching over an income statement. I’m hoping to bring this experience forward to keep the flame of an event that I love alive. I had been attending Pantheacon for the last 9 years, every year. It is where I met my closests friends and chosen family.

My Spiritual path walks with the Radical Faeries of Wolf Creek. If you’ve never met a faerie (you would know) think LGBTQ sex magic ancestor cult. I lived at the Sanctuary for a little over a year as caretaker to the land and my community. Imagine Oregon backwoods with no indoor plumbing, plywood and glitter huts on 90 acres of land that served as both a graveyard and festival center to our community. I am a devotional polytheist and I give offerings to Loki, Dionysus, the Morrigan, and Santa Muerte (I’m sure I’m forgetting someone — polytheist problems). But, the place I call home is filled with many more deities. I have also recently begun training in the Feri tradition.

I look forward to bringing a calculating mind to the Between the Veils Board of Directors so that we can operate this non-profit in a way that most benefits the wider community. My main focus will be on keeping our promise to be equitable for marginalized communities, those at an economic disadvantage, and taking care of the people that make this organization and events possible. I hope to make this 2022 the year we recognize the hard work of our staff and volunteers by showering them with more perks and recognition than ever! I intend to do all this in a way that is sustainable so this organization, our yearly convention, and wider community can be around for another 20+ years.




Pronouns: She/Her

About Lore

Bonjour 🙂 I am really happy and honored to be able to serve as a board member for Between the Veils. I have had many years of experience of being on the board of non profit organization, including spiritual ones like Reclaiming, and helping organize witch camps and large rituals. 

My spiritual path has taken many meanders as I follow my heart. I have studied and been initiated in several traditions - including Reclaiming, Shakta Tantra, Anderson Feri - which forms the DNA of my magic. Confirmed polytheist I am a devote of Hekate, Kly, Brigit and the Morrigan but our home is filled with many more. 

As a transwoman and techno witch I love to explore and dive deep into the liminal spaces where we can meet Spirit and truly know ourselves in all of our parts.

I look forward to bringing my experience and quirky mind to rekindle the flame of an event I love in a way that is inclusive and supportive of the diverse member of our community.

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Pronouns: He/Him

About David

Hailsa! Many know me as a heathen/druid walking with Odin. In this, hospitality is central to my interactions with others and has given me the opportunity to wander many roads and experience a number of widely varied traditions; from Druids, Discordians, & Dionysians through Buddhists, Umbanda, & Wiccans. I am always endeavoring to better understand and honor the paths of friends & associates as I seek to support everyone I encounter in the wider community.

I have over 40 years of experience working at and helping to run conventions. With this I am hoping to help Between The Veils become a success for the community. I learned many things working nearly every year of PantheaCon, as well many other gatherings, in a broad range of staff positions. My focus was always on better programming. While Head of Programming I helped broaden inclusiveness and was able to make space for the POC Caucus to start and grow, while also working to eliminate divisiveness. As we see with the rest of the world, it is an ongoing struggle.

This is an opportunity for us to build on the experiences and lessons of the past to look forward with an event for all who are inclusive.

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Pronouns: She/Her

About Robyn

With close to 10 years of experience working in non-profits I bring a good working knowledge of how program development and management work, I have experience in event planning, coordinating and volunteer management as well. Additionally, I have served as a member-at-large for the NorCal AIDS Cycle Board of Directors in the Sacramento region, for over three years. This all serves to give me a great working knowledge of both non-profits and the rules and requirements for Boards.

I identify as a pagan, polytheist, heathen, witch, and healer, I am also a pansexual, polyamorous, social justice anarchist, anti-fascist, parent and proud transwoman and trans activist. I have primarily worked with Freyja, Brigid, and have recently started working much closer with Hel and the Norn’s. Growing up in a strict religiously abusive home (JW) has meant that I had been more comfortable walking this path alone the past several years, and I am so happy and excited to have found such amazing people to be able to do this work with and to learn from.

photo of Heaven Walker



Pronouns: She/Her

About Heaven

Heaven Walker  is the High Priestess of the Oakland Temple of Aphrodite, an Elder of the Starflower Pagan Congregation, and a member of  the Amazon High Priestess Tribe.  She is a published writer, a member of the Jewitch Collective , and collaborates with the Reclaiming Community in the Spiral Dance, Public Ritual, and  Redwood Magic Family Witchcamp with her children.

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Pronouns: They/Them

About Tanuki

Hello folks! A little about me... I have been a Radical Faerie for nearly a decade as well as a discordian, and chaos magician. I have been an Iranian Muslim-Witch my entire life. Throughout the years I've helped to organize and run gatherings of hundreds of people, with a focus on caring and creating space for folks with access and functional needs. In 2019, I spearheaded the first Radical Faerie hospitality suite at Pantheacon, with events rooted in inclusivity, consent, and subject-subject consciousness; the success of the first suite allowed us to return in 2020. I have also hosted or participated in events at PCon such as the Trans* cacus, the POC caucus, and a death cafe.

Currently, I am one of the progenitors of BTV, with the aim of organizing not only a new pagan con, but a year round space for gathering, magic-ing, and connecting. As service is one of my highest ideals, I am firmly committed to ensuring that pagan communities find strength by: coming together in learning, communicating, and sharing. I will work tirelessly to birth safer modes of connection through inclusion, acceptance, and access of marginalized people in the community such as pagans of color, queers, trans*, disabled, and neurodiverse folk.

"Tea is meant to be Enjoyed not Ruled."

Sophia Fate-Changer2-square



Pronouns: They/Them

About Sophia

I am very excited to be a part of Between the Veils and help create this new conference. I come with new ideas, a passion for cultivating community and justice. I have contributed to a number of community projects and groups such as being a founding member of Heathens United Against Racism (HUAR), which is an anti-fascist organization for practitioners of Norse Paganism. I’ve used my activism to help bring to light many actively racist, and otherwise bigoted Asatru groups and individuals, as well as unite people from all over the world in an inclusive vision of Heathenry.

I was a member of the Bay Area group, Golden Gate Kindred, for a handful of years before all of the members eventually moved out of the area. We created a radically inclusive standard and environment for our participants to enjoy public rituals, ceremonies, and 101 classes for Heathenry and Rune study.

I have been involved in Hexenfest the last few years, having a voice in creating their consent and conflict resolution policies, and general volunteering at the event. I have also been involved with my local LGBTQ+ nonprofit center as a coordinator for our 4-day pride event which included vendor coordination, volunteer coordinating, bookkeeping, and creating a safety protocol and team from scratch to keep thousands of Pride attendees safe during all of our events. I am still lightly involved in local community organizing, actions, and providing advice for safety measures for social justice related causes.

I identify as a mixed pagan of color, polytheist, queer, pansexual, polyamorous, social anarchist, anti-fascist, artist, parent, and spouse. I primarily work with the Norse pantheon, having oaths with Odin and Loki, and also working closely with Freyja, Freyr, and Hel. I have skills in rune divination, oracular seidr, bindrunes and sigil magic. I make a tiny living selling my pagan jewelry and crafts at various locations in the Bay Area and online. Although I have a practice that very heavily emphasizes one particular path, my focus for BTV will be to include folks of many different paths, to give emphasis on a broad variety of traditions, with special attention to marginalized voices.

Because I am a stay-at-home-parent, I have a lot of time and energy to put towards making this conference come to life, and continuing to bring the right people together to get the job done.