Advertise in the Printed Program

The Gathering Paths
August 5th - 7th, 2022

DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose, CA

Each attendee, presenter, sponsor, vendor, staff member, and volunteer at our Conference will receive a printed program containing the presenters, a schedule of events, a list of vendors, information about the organization and conference itself, and more. These programs are professionally printed in full color and are frequently regarded as collectors' items by people who attend. Businesses, organizations, and individuals are invited to take out ad space in the program to help get our community's eyes on their ad. 


Full Page - 8"x10" - $320
Half Page Horizontal - 8"x4.75" - $225
Half Page Vertical - 3.75"x10" - $180
Third Page Horizontal - 8"x3" - $150
Third Page Vertical - 2.5"x10" - $120
Quarter Page - 3.75"x4.75" - $125
6th page Horizontal - 5"x3" - $90
6th page Vertical 2.5"x4.75" - $65
8th Page - 3.75"x2.25" - $45
9th Page - 2.5"x3" - $35

Color: +25%
On Back Cover: +$200
On First Page: +$150
Placed alone in the Presenters section: +$25
Placed alone in the
Community Suites section: +$10

The deadline for submitting ads for print in our program is July 1st, 2022.

Acceptable art formats for print: PDF, TIFF, and JPG. Your file must have a high enough resolution for print.

*We do not do any artwork, photoshop or editing. Your advertisement must be ready to go as is.

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BtV TGP Advertising Space 121621-04
BtV TGP Advertising Space 121621-02
BtV TGP Advertising Space 121621-05
BtV TGP Advertising Space 121621-03
BtV TGP Advertising Space 121621-01