Community Agreements



  1. Inclusivity - We respect and welcome all people. We do not tolerate discriminatory behavior.
  2. Anti-harassment - We do not tolerate any verbal, physical, or sexual intimidation and/or coercion.
  3. Consent - Make sure you receive an enthusiastic “yes” from others before engaging in touch, sexual expression, engagement, and recording/sharing personal information including images. Be aware of power disparities that may be present.
  4. Cultural appropriation - We recognize that cultural appropriation is a harmful behavior that includes using, often without permission, cultural traditions and practices which do not belong to one’s own ancestral heritage. This may include using these practices for monetary or personal gain. We do not tolerate such behavior.
  5. Accountability - Own your impact when you have caused harm. This can be healing to all involved. Let’s normalize it!


Inequality and injustice exist and we recognize the nature and power of systemic inequality in all aspects of our lives. Our community upholds the vision of an inclusive magic(k)al and spiritual community. Gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, dis/abilities, neuro-typical/divergent, ethnicity/ethnic heritage, race, age, size, class, and citizenship status are only some of the more obvious examples of how people can be marginalized. Our spiritual traditions call us to value each person as a whole being, we will uphold this principle in all our work.

Our community members are from varied places, traditions and experiences. We do not respect any traditions over another. As we can only speak from our own experiences and understanding, no one will ever be asked to speak for another person or group.


Harassment has no place in our community. We affirm the bodily and emotional autonomy of all of our members. Any hostility, bullying, demeaning and/or degrading behavior will be dealt with by the Right Relations committee and may lead to ejection from our community. Making another person uncomfortable using sexual, threatening or demeaning language is a type of harassment. We commit to working hard to make our spaces safe.


We believe in bodily, spiritual and emotional autonomy in all of our spaces. Consent practices are necessary beyond the confines of any physical space, and include online conferences, networking spaces and meetings. Any physical contact must be initiated by asking for enthusiastic consent, or an affirmative yes. A healthy model for consent includes consenting for participation within ritual spaces, receiving consent before sharing any pornographic or violent/graphic images, and affirming the right to pass/abstain in workshop spaces. Always ask.

We are a sex-positive community. We encourage healthy boundaries and open communication. Some workshops, groups and ritual spaces may include nudity and/or consensual sexual activity. Participation at one's own discretion. Minors will not be allowed to participate in any events that include nudity or sexual activity.


Cultural appropriation is a symptom of racism and colonization that continues to damage our communities, especially within Indigenous communities. We understand cultural appropriation to be the profiting from traditions and practices that have been taken without permission and often used for monetary gain. This can lead to misinformation, false history and corruption of cultures by the white patriarchal systems. We are mindful of cultural appropriation in ritual space and practices, speakers and presentations.


We do not use the phrase “assume good intentions” as a part of our community agreements. While this phrase is intended to promote understanding, sharing, honesty and authentic relationship, it can undermine commitments to inclusivity and support for marginalized people. The phrase places the responsibility for hurt on the person who has received the hurt, who is very often a marginalized person. It is vital that we recognize the impact our actions have on others, in our daily lives and especially as a spiritual practice.

Anyone in attendance including board members, staff, presenters, vendors, community members and participants will be asked to abide by the community agreements. Any groups, individuals or presenters who cannot uphold these community agreements will not be invited to participate. All people are equally deserving of respect and care. We will also encourage any hotel/site staff or hotel guests not attending the conference to abide by these agreements.

When any members are out of covenant with the community, they will be called in with the Right Relations Team. The Right Relations Team functions to maintain healthy interpersonal and spiritual relationships with community members. Actions of the Right Relations Team will include mediations, conversations and any tools for bringing people back into the community.

Anyone unable to abide by these guidelines or unwilling to participate in the right relations process will be told to leave without a refund.

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