Divination & Altar Room


The Gathering Paths August 5th - 7th, 2022
DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose, CA

Visit our divination and altar room where you can sign up with folks of different paths and traditions, and a variety of different divination tools to answer life's tough questions. You can also come visit if you want to check out our multicultural altar room where you can experience the spirit of Unity at The Gathering Paths Conference.


Reader Angus McMahan

Friday 1 - 3pm

Angus McMahan

 Pronouns: He/Him/His

I have been a Reader for 27 years now, and have worked at Serpent's Kiss, Enchantations and (most crazily) at the Winchester Mystery House. My style is informal and narrative: Just let the cards tell your story.


Angus is a carbon-based, bipedal, ape-descended life form who has evolved his thumb-laden hands into two specialities: Writing stuff and whapping on things in a rhythmical manner. Verified examples of the former skill can be found at: www.Patreon.com/AngusMcMahan - Field recordings of the latter tendency can be made at many of the pagan rituals that tend to pop up in this area.

You can also find Angus sharing his comedic styles this Sunday in Cedar-Pine at 9pm.
Pagan Humor 14: Tales from Cafe Ho-Hum

Reader Rose Shannon

Friday 3 - 5 pm

Rose Shannon

 Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Rose has been reading, studying and teaching tarot, playing cards and I Ching for 40 years. She is a practicing witch and an initiate of Anderson Feri and Sharanya tantric traditions


Rose is a diviner, teacher, tantrika and witch, initiated in both the Feri and Sharanya traditions. She has particular divination experience with tarot, playing card cartomancy and I Ching. She lives in San Francisco, California.


You can also find Rose on Friday at 7pm in San Juan/San Carlos

Introduction to Playing Card Divination

Reader Macus Keys

Saturday 12 - 3pm

Marcus Keys

 Pronouns: He/Him/His

Born and raised in San Diego CA, I have always been drawn to magic and keys. I would find stones and plants and would try to talk to them. I do my best every day to honor my ancestors, teachers, and myself from the places I've been in my life. As a professional Tarot Reader and Spirit Worker, I have been providing magical and spiritual services for more than a decade. I have presented Key Magic and other various topics on the work I do which is always growing with my education and the connections to teachers and other workers I meet.

Born and raised in San Diego CA, Marcus is a queer, Mexican-American, practicing witch with more than a decade’s worth of presenting, teaching, and providing spiritual counsel as a professional Spirit Worker making key talismans, candles, providing tarot readings, and more. Not only does he unlock the magic for his community, he also has a popular TikTok channel where he gives a weekly readings, discussions on the current trends with magical practices, and a few silly skits to keep the magic going. Currently, Marcus is a dedicate student of the Anderson Feri Witchcraft tradition in the Hell's Mare branch of the Elenkin line with his teacher Tommie Starchild.

TikTok: @the_skeleton_key


You can also find Marcus in San Jose/Santa Clara on Saturday at 7pm

Dark Arts and Crafts

Reader Seanara Coyote

Saturday 4 - 6 pm

Seanara Coyote

Seanara Coyote is a professional Tarot consultant and Certified Voyager Tarot Counselor who first learned to read the cards at age 12 and has been reading professionally for several decades. She has a background in clinical social work and Earth-centered spirituality. Seanara uses a transpersonal, psycho-spiritual, participatory approach to help you gain insight into your life's challenges (possibly including past lives), envision your options, and make informed, constructive choices through wisdom, intuition, and supportive guidance.

*Seanara only takes cash for donations/tips

Reader Victoria Dragonfly

Sunday 12 - 3pm

Victoria Dragonfly

A intuitive since 3 years old, Victoria Dragonfly is a queer, neurodivergent and compassionate reader. She is also a trained therapist who provides a safe and caring space for querents to receive guidance, compassionate witnessing, and hidden insights about their situations and themselves. Tori believes that every person contains infinite wisdom. It is her honor and privilege to sit with you and help you to illuminate your experience and reveal your truths.


Are you talented in divination? Whether it's astrology, psychic readings, tarot cards, runes, or something else, we are looking for people who are seasoned in their talents to apply to become part of our Divination & Altar room experience. Folks will be able to sign up to see you at your own reserved table. Please fill out this form if you'd like to sign up!

Altar Room Offerings

Are you part of a community that you'd like represented inside of The Gathering Paths Altar room experience? If you'd like to bring a few items that represent your path, religion, tradition, and/or culture in a shared space with items from other groups in the spirit of unity, please fill out this form.

Be aware that the Altar Room is a public space and will not be monitored at all times but a staff member will be checking in regularly.

Questions? Please contact either Sharon or Nikka for more information.