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Between the Veils offers 3 levels of involvement:

Division Heads, Department Staff, and Volunteers


Division Heads lead teams of Staff and Volunteers in various areas of the conference and report to the Conference Manager and Board of Directors. They work 5-15 hours per week during the months leading up to the conference, depending on their role. They are then on shift or on call as leaders throughout the conference itself. Division Heads are compensated with free conference registration, a personal room throughout the conference, meals, and a paid percentage of the total profit produced by the conference. The percentage paid varies depending on the workload of the Division Head.


Currently, all Division Head positions are filled.



Department Staff work on a particular task, aspect, or department of the conference for a total of 24 hours or more. Staff report to Division Heads, and direct Volunteers. Many of these positions work in their division before the actual conference begins, and all will at least be in communication with their Division Head and other Department Staff before the weekend of the Conference. In exchange for their help, staff receives free admission to the Conference, a free hotel room shared with other staff members, swag including a T-shirt, and access to the Staff Lounge with free food and other goodies.

Talented staff of all kinds are needed, including people with skills in:

  • Customer service, hospitality, and helping people feel welcome
  • Spatial design, décor, and graphic design
  • PR, social media, and marketing
  • Light and sound tech, wiring, and IT systems
  • Construction, stagecraft, transportation and equipment
  • Food preparation, catering, and service
  • Volunteer Management and Program Leadership
  • Medical, first aid, safety, harm reduction, and wellness assistance including mental health providers
  • More!


Volunteers are people who contribute to the Between the Veils Conference by giving some hours of their time during the conference to help in areas such as registration, set up and strike, gate and welcome, etc. Volunteers receive a T-shirt and access to the Staff Lounge (and lots of praise and appreciation) for their help. Volunteers report to Staff and Department Heads.


If you choose to volunteer for two 4-hour shifts (8 hours total) 1/2 of your registration will be reimbursed.

If you choose to volunteer for four or more 4-hour shifts (16 hours total or more), your whole registration fee for the conference will be reimbursed.

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